About this site

Tonakai World is for the time being both a testbed for new technologies and a place where I intend to focus my interest in world affairs.

These texts are meant to be analytical reflections, made with a certain degree of objectivity in mind, not personal political, social or cultural statements, and taken from reliable sources.

It is naturally nearly impossible to produce texts which are totally objective, especially if you aim at doing anything more lengthy than lakonic chronological notes on what happens in the world, so I'm not going to try to claim such an objective stance. But nevertheless it is my aim that these texts - with the exception of those found under the "editorial" tag - will be relatively free from subjective views of the more political nature. There are other places where I could speak my own political views and beliefs in more detail if I want to - but quite frankly I think the world can live very well without those, especially since there is no shortage of people screaming in the voids of the net, wanting their own personal agendas to be heard.

That said, I'm aware that I write from the viewpoint of a European, schooled and raised in the liberal and democratic traditions of northern Europe, and my writing will be coloured somewhat by that, no doubt about it.

The plan is to successively move and republish texts from my earlier web writings here, as well as trying to add new material. For the time being there's no timetable for when such a transfer will be finished.